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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the search for a Chinese title

The Oyster team has been trying to come up with a Chinese title for the film because The Taiwan Oyster evidently does not translate well. There seems to be no available imagery except that it is about an oyster that lives on the coasts of Taiwan. That interpretation seems to be pretty unanimous and pretty firm.
Pin-chuen (Taiwanese Producer), Mark and Mitchell tried to start by listing ideas they thought the title should include because Chinese people like their film titles to be very directly about the subject matter.
Here are some of those ideas; Taiwan, beautiful island, road-trip, foreigners, adventure, little blue truck.
Mark jokingly tossed out his first idea – “Beautiful Island Adventure Story”- seems pretty straight-forward, simple, succinct, even elementary.
Immediately shot down.
Pin-chuen laughs and replies, “is already taken… TV show with same name”
Back to square one.

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